Why Rehfuss?

Rehfuss Drive Solutions GmbH is a medium-sized enterprise engaged in drive technology. Our customers demand high quality - and find a reliable partner in Rehfuss.

We are looking for competent and flexible people to join our experienced team and are looking to develop their abilities and make a contribution to the company, ensuring our customers' satisfaction at all times.

What should your abilities be?

A company's success in the international market is dependent on the innovative ideas of its staff, who thus create the crucial competitive edge.   The capacity to conduct successful negotiations and the ability to be assertive are imperative to help propel the company and it's staff into the future. Our top priority is sustained customer satisfaction. Instantaneous reactions to their demands will ensure that we are always one step ahead.
Fast reaction
Cost consciousness
Our top priority is sustained satisfaction of our customers. Fast reaction is important to be always the one step ahead.   An optimised ratio of cost and performance is the result mostly of cost-conscious decisions and actions by staff.
To overcome obstacles and seize opportunities, tasks need to be tackled; confident and decisive acting is imperative.   Today's market demands flexibility more than ever. Without this flexibility, a successful career is almost no longer possible.