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Stainless steel gearbox (SMN)

Exceptionally long service life
Easy cleaning thanks to smooth surface
High efficiency
Modular system
High proctection class
Low noise

When using production devices and machines in some industrial sectors, hygienic aspects, demands for easy cleaning as well as demands for the quality on the materials and components used are very important. Examples for such applications can be found particularly in the food industry; the chemical or petrochemical industry.

Our stainless steel gearboxes (SMN) offer an optimal solution for all applications in which cleanliness, hygiene and increased demands on material quality are important. Dirt cannot deposit on the absolutely smooth surface. These drives Show a very high resistance against aggressive substances as well.

Our stainless steel gearboxes (SMN) can be combined with our stainless steel motors (SBH, SBE, and N).



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