Worm gearboxes and helical worm gearboxes / geared motors (SM and SSM)

Exceptionally long service life
Modular system
High proctection class
Low noise
Maintenance-free and lubricated for life

Our worm gears and helical worm gears / motors are high-performance gears with a very high degree of efficiency. All worm shafts are made from case hardened alloy steel and the flanks are precision ground. The worm wheels are made from special centrifugally cast bronze. Helical worm gears are equipped with a helical gear. Worm gears with shrink disc, torque limiter, as well as adjustable backlash designs are also part of our standard product range.

Worm gearboxes and helical worm gearboxes type SM and SSM are high-performance gearboxes in universal design. The housings are made from high quality cast aluminium providing an advantage on weight. Nevertheless they are very robust designed. Further type provides lifetime lubrication.



Areas of application

Performance data

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