The DIN EN ISO 9001 standard describes the basic features of QM (quality management). A company certified with this standard complies with regulatory requirements in terms of products and services. This process-oriented approach to quality management consists of 4 main processes. In production, the processes are illuminated as in an organization is generated from input output. As in any planning, the ACTUAL values ​​are compared with the DESIRED values. The standard recognizes and documents the deviations in the planning process. By the PDCA circle can also be reacted internally within the company immediately should there be deviations. Changes can be immediately addressed with improvements. Depending on the status in the cycle Plan - Do - Check / Control - Act can be controlled immediately.  

The DIN EN ISO 9001 standard supplements quality management with documentation requirements, including documented requirements, QM manuals, document steering and control, and record-keeping. The documentation makes the process comprehensible to all employees.