Three product lines – drives for all requirements

Gears and geared motors with constant speeds

From helical gearboxes, and shaft mounted gearboxes to worm gearboxes; helical worm gearboxes, planetary gearboxes and bevel gearboxes, Rehfuss provides customers with a vast selection of models - with or without attached electronic motor. Motors without gearboxes are also available.

Electronic and mechanical variable speed drives

In many cases, it is absolutely necessary that the speed of a drive is variable. Depending on the operational field, this can be achieved either mechanically - for example through belt drives - or electronically through a frequency inverter.

Special drives and customized solutions

The brand Rehfuss is not only renowned for its high quality standard drives, but also for excellent achievements in producing custom gears. A team of highly skilled and experienced engineers ensure superior solutions for all our customers' requirements in drive technology.

Some of these gearboxes can be seen in operation at branch solutions.