Stainless steel motors SBN/SBH - new design

Rehfuss has long been involved in the development and design of drives for use in areas where hygiene, cleanliness and characteristics for easy cleaning are important. For this reason, we have been offering our customers a stainless steel motor for many years now and placing it very successfully in the respective industries. Since some time, customers have no longer been satisfied with just a standard stainless steel motor or a stainless steel gearbox. Today the trend is more and more towards drive concepts in HYGIENIC DESIGN. We have now revised our motor sizes 71 with the help of our extensive experience in the field of stainless steel drives and in compliance with the corresponding EHEDG guidelines and now can offer electric motors in HYGIENIC DESIGN to our customers.

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Performance data:
Character Value Unit
Sizes 71 (-)
Power range 0,2 to 0,37 kW

More sizes in preparation



Data sheet - Smooth body motor SB71

Stainless steel gearbox


  • Mechanically polished Surface - Optimum surface quality for reduced germ formation.
  • Radial cable entry - Position of cable entry can be determined flexibly 4 x 90° during installation.
  • High protection class - IP66 (optional IP69K) for wash-down-applications.
  • Suitable for frequency inverter - Motor winding, insulation system are optimized for mains or frequency operation. Efficiency class IE3.
  • Smooth housing surface - Smooth, round inline-housing for easy and thoroughly cleaning.
  • Optimized sealing materials - Can be individually adapted to Operation conditions.


More features:



Integrated terminal board:
Easy and secure mains connection



Cable Gland Stainless steel



Cable Gland Stainless steel hygienic EHEDG certificated



Laserter cut nameplate:
Resistant against detergents and desinfections



SBE - SMOOTH BODY E (stainless steel) stainless steel motor

The SBE execution is a stainless steel motor for hygienic applications (packaging industry, pharmaceutical industry, food industry, ...). It is easy to clean and it is designed that it is very difficult, that dirt can deposit on it. It also is very resistant to aggressive media.

SBH - SMOOTH BODY H (hygiene) stainless steel motor

The SBH execution is based on the SBE execution and has basically the same characteristics as the basic model. In addition, however, this variant has additional modifications that facilitate its use in the processes (for example directly near the foods to be processed). For this, the EHEDG guidelines were explicitly taken into account when designing the products.


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