Bevel gear units KV

Bevel gear units are designed for operation under extreme strain. Spiral teeth, hardened bevel gears, generously designed bearings and robust cast housings ensuresuperior smooth operation. The gear units are sealed for life and thus absolutely maintenance free. They can be used in all working positions by means of fastening bores on all sides.

Type KV

Technical specifications:
  • Optimised size/performance ratio
  • Designed for constinous operation under rough conditions
  • Above average lifespan
  • Sealed for life (lifetime lubrication)
  • Housing produced from high quality grey cast iron with rugged walls and internal ribbing
  • Mathematically exact gear ratios and reductions
  • High efficiency
  • Superior smooth operation
  • Space efficient angular drive
  • Even small models are able to transmit high torques
  • Various mounting positions
  • Various designs

  • NOTOX version for use in food technology
  • Corrosion resistant design
  • Low backlash version available (for example for servo models)
  • Motor adaptor
  • Shrink disc
  • Output on various sides
  • Various fixing sides
  • Polygon or spline hub profile

Perfomance data:
Torque range 11 - 950 Nm
Ratio range 1.000 - 6.000 i

Values apply to an input speed of 1.500 1/min.