Bevel gear units KS

The bevel-helical gear unit KS210 is designed as a compact drive unit for highly-dynamic applications. The requirements for operation with servomotors have been implemented accordingly.
During the development, attention was also paid to high operational reliability by generously dimensioned bearings and toothing design. Furthermore, the housing with an integrated square
flange on the output side offers maximum rigidity and can be universally installed or attached thanks to the symmetrical inline housing.

The drive is available with a solid or hollow shaft (if required with an optional clamping set). The output shafts are also optionally available in stainless steel or even with surface protection
matched to your application. These enable the use in wash-down applications.

An optional stainless steel housing (stainless steel gearbox, hygienic drive) is available for particularly high demands on the surface quality. Requirements placed on new gear concepts
were taken into account. Minimal circumferential backlash, high rigidity, low overall weight, high efficiency, maximum flexibility in connection with a universal mounting position are features
that allow the successful usage of the drive.

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Technical features
  • High efficiency> 90%
  • Torsional stiff servo-motor coupling as an optimum connection between servo motor and gearbox
  • External stainless steel screws for better cleaning characteristics 
  • High housing rigidity for robustness in heavy duty applications 
  • Smooth housing surface (hygienic drive, wash-down application)
  • Square flange for universal mounting positions
  • Hollow shaft design as optimal interface to the corresponding application
  • Symmetrical inline-case construction enables mounting in all positions
  • Maintenance-free lifetime lubrication
  • Hollow shaft design with shrink disk
  • Stainless steel hood to cover the hollow shaft
  • Stainless steel version (stainless steel gearbox, hygienic drive)
  • Version with hollow shaft

Technical specifications

Description value
Circumferential backlash < 6 arcmin
Weight ca. 4,55 kg
Efficiency at full load 92 %
Radial force at n2 = 200 1 / min,
lifetime bearing > 20.000 hr. (
reinforced bearing)
2.200 N

Nominal input speed max. Input speed –

permissible operation temperature must not be exceeded
3.000 1 / min
Lifetime  > 30.000 h 
Lubrication lifetime lubircation
Protection class IP65
Mounting Position universal
Permissible operation temperature - 20°C to + 90°C


i TN TB TS  J10-4
  (Nm)  (Nm) (Nm)  (kgm²) 
4:1 60 70  85  1,9 
6:1 60  70  85  1,7 
8:1 60  70  85  1,6 
10:1 50  60  70  1,4 
12:1 60  70  85  1,3 
15:1 60  70  85  1,4 
18:1 60  70  85  1,3 
20:1 60  70  85  1,3 
24:1 60  70  85  1,3 
28:1 60  70  85  1,3 

TN = Nominal output torque  Ι TB = max. acceleration torque
TS = Emergency shut-off  max. 500mal Ι J = Mass moment of inertia