Helical gearboxes and helical geared motors SR

Helical gears and geared motors are ideal for strenuous and continuous operation. The housings are produced from first class grey cast iron with rugged walls and inner ribbing and therefore ensure extreme torsional resistance and minimal noise. Forces are transmitted through hardened helical gears produced from high quality steel, with precision ground tooth profiles. The result is superior, noise-reduced operation.

Type SR

Technical characteristics:
  • Optimisedsize/performance ratio
  • Designed for permanent operation under rough conditions
  • Above average lifespan
  • Housing produced from high quality grey cast iron with rugged walls and internal ribbing
  • Extreme torsional resistance and low noise
  • Smooth surface (food-; beverage-; pharmaceutical industry)
  • Hardened helical gears produced from high quality steel with precision ground tooth profiles
  • Superior smooth operation
  • Low backlash

  • Various mounting positions
  • Foot mounted, flange mounted or foot and flange mounted versions, as well as a mixer version
  • IEC-Adaptor to suit standard and servo motors
  • NEMA version
  • Torque arm
  • Free input shaft
  • ATEX specification according to Directive 94/9/EG

Performance data:
Power range up to 33.80 kW
Torque range up to 1,600 Nm
Ratio range 1.516 - 2,612.480 i

Values apply to an input speed of 1,500 1/min.
Higher performance gearboxes available on request