Laser marking

For applying performance data to our products, we hold a laser marking machine. In order to optimize utilization, we offer contract work at very competitive conditions. Our laser engraving machine is very powerful and we can handle a variety of materials. Also in the design of the applied laser engraving we are very flexible and very cost-effective through appropriate and state-of-the-art software support.

Application examples for laser marking and laser engraving: 

- Stainless steel signs
- Anodized nameplates
- Plastic signs
- Aluminium signs
- Labels on tools
- Labels on metal or plastic parts
- Applying laser engraving on Advertising material

Please just ask us and send us your individual specification.


Examples of individual laser engraving:

  Parking sign made of stainless steel with individual laser engraving


  Laser engraving (performance data) on an electric motor with stainless steel housing


  Laser engraving on a plastic label for the switch lettering of a machine


    Laser engraving on anodized aluminum as a nameplate