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Lexicon drive technology


A flange is an adapter that can be used to connect a gearbox to other components. For example, a flange is used to attach the gear unit to a drive motor or to attach the gear motor to a system.

The flange system in Rehfuss gears makes them universally adaptable.

Frequency converter

A frequency converter is an electronic component or a device in drive technology that can be used, for example, to regulate the speeds of electrical machines or three-phase motors.

Frequency converters are required to drive pumps, cranes, conveyor systems, agitators or conveyor belts.

You can find our frequency converters here.

Food industry (drive)

Drives for the food industry must be easy to clean and hygienic. With smooth surfaces and few interfering edges, Rehfuss offers gears and motors in stainless steel or with a special aluminum coating that are suitable for the food industry.

You can find our gearboxes and motors for the food industry here.